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A research project funded by the Czech Science Foundation (award no. GA403/09/1502), 2009-2011.

The research project conducts an interdisciplinary analysis of the main dimensions of the gender order in Czechoslovakia during the communist period. The main focus is on its so far under-researched symbolic level, which is here conceived as the plurality of discourses and discursive orders and their mutual relations. The project covers the entire communist period, while an important part of the research is the identification of canonical texts and texts that suggest discursive shifts and turning points in the overall gender discourse. The aim is to outline the discursive picture of gender, emphasising its plurality, complexity and dynamics throughout the period. The subjects of analysis will be expert discourses, intellectual elites discourses and selected media texts. This will be supplemented with analyses of institutional and personal levels of the gender order manifest in semi-structured interviews conducted by the members of the research team as well as in extant archival interview material.

Research team:

  • Hana Havelková, Ph.D., Head of the Project

  • Petra Klvačová, Ph.D. 

  • Jan Matonoha, M.Phil., Ph.D. 

  • Doc. Libora Oates-Indruchová, Ph.D. 

  • Ivan Vodochodský, Ph.D.

Cooperating Researchers:

  • Marie Černá, Ph.D.

  • JUDr. Barbara Havelková, LL.M.

  • Petr Roubal, Ph.D.

  • Věra Sokolová, Ph.D.

  • Kateřina Zábrodská, Ph.D.

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