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Current Position

Associate Professor of History

Chair of the Department of Gender Studies

Study Program Guarantor of GS

Charles University, Faculty of Humanities


Doc., Habilitation in History, 2014

Pardubice University, School of Philosophy, Pardubice, Czech Republic

Ph.D., History, 2002

University of Washington, Seattle

M.A., History, 1996

University of Washington, Seattle

B.A., History, 1994 (Summa cum Laude)

California State University, Sacramento

A List of Selected Publications

- Monographies:

State Power, Sexology, and Non-Heterosexual Lives in Communist Czechoslovakia (forthcoming 2017).

Cultural Politics of Ethnicity: Discourses on the Roma in Communist Czechoslovakia (Stuttgart: ibidem-Verlag, 2008).

Gender and Generation: Interdisciplinary Intersections and Perspectives, ed. with Katerina Kolarova. (Prague: Litteraria Pragensia, 2007).

- Research Articles:

“Duhový život pod rudou hvězdou: Státní přístup k homosexualitě a neheterosexuální životy v normalizačním Československu“. In Vyvlastněný hlas: Proměny genderové kultury české společnosti v letech 1948-1989, ed. by Hana Havelkova and Libora Oates-Indruchova. (Prague: SLON, 2015), pp. 243-285.

"State Approaches to Homosexuality and Non-Heterosexual Lives in Czechoslovakia during State Socialism". In The Politics of Gender Culture under State Socialism, ed. by Hana Havelkova and Libora Oates-Indruchova. (London and New York: Routledge, 2014), pp. 82-109.

"Strategies of Inclusion and Shifting Attitudes torwards Visibility in the Gay, Lesbian, and Queer Discourse in the Czech Republic after 1989." (together with Simona Fojtova). In Queer Visibility in Post-socialist Cultures, ed. by Narcisz Fejes and Andrea P. Balogh. (Chicago and Bristol: Intellect Books, 2013), pp. 105-129.

“Otec, otec a dítě: Gay muži a rodičovství.“ In Himl P., Seidl J., Řídký J., Kolářová K., Wintr J., Sloboda Z., Sokolová V., Dufka J., Nozar L., Ciprová K., Cornwall M., Schindler F., Hall T. "Miluji tvory svého pohlaví" : Homosexualita v dějinách a společnosti českých zemí. Praha: Argo, 2013, 649s. ISBN 978-80-257-0876-7.

"Rainbow Mosaic: Czechoslovak Sexology and "Gay" and "Lesbian" Oral History in Communist Czechoslovakia", in Gender, Equal Opportunities, Research, 2012, Vol. 13, No. 2: 28-40.

"Father, Father and Child: Gay Men and Parenthood in the Czech Republic." In The Czech Sociological Review, 2009, Vol. 45, No.1: 1-31.

"Trasformazioni di genere. Etnografia della sessualita e degli studi queer/LGBT nella Repubblica Ceca." ("Gender Transformations: Ethnography of sexuality and queer/LGBT studies in the Czech Republic." Translated by Andrea Trovesi.) In eSamizdat VI (2): 2008.

"Gender and Generation in Mutual Perspective." (together with Katerina Kolarova). In Gender and Generation: Interdisciplinary Intersections and Perspectives, Katerina Kolarova and Vera Sokolova, eds. (Prague: Litteraria Pragensia, 2007): 1-20.

"Today is the Last Day of the Past: Christa Wolf and the Memories of National Socialism." In Rocenka Katedry genderových studií 05/06, Blanka Knotková-Capková, ed. (Praha: FHS UK, 2007): 125-153.

"Koncepcni pohled na "sexualni mensiny" aneb vse je jen otazka spravne orientace..." [A Conceptual Approach to "Sexual Minorities" or Everything is Just a Matter of the Right Orientation...]. In Hana Haskova, Alena Krizkova and Marcela Linkova, eds. Mnohohlasem: Vyjednavani zenskych prostoru po roce 1989. (Prague: Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, 2006): 253-266.

"Identity Politics and the (B)Orders of Heterosexism: Gays, Lesbians and Feminists in the Czech Media after 1989." In Jirina van Leuween, ed. Mediale Welten in Tschechien nach 1989: Genderprojektionen und Codes des Plebejismus. (München : Kubon und Sagner, 2005): 29-44.

"Planned Parenthood Behind the Curtain: Population Policy and Sterilization of Romani Women in Communist Czechoslovakia, 1972-1989." In The Antropology of East Europe Review Vol. 23/1. Spring 2005: 79-98. Reprinted in Changes in the Heart of Europe: Recent Ethnographies of Czechs, Slovaks, Roma, and Sorbs, Timothy McCajor Hall and Rosie Read, eds. (Stuttgart: ibidem-Verlag, 2006): 139-172.

"Victims or Perpetrators?: Gender and Historiographical Debates on the Role of Women in Nazi Germany." In Blanka Knotkova-Capkova, ed. Rocenka Katedry/Centra genderových studií 2004 (Prague: FHS UK, 2004): 114-137.

"'Don't Get Pricked!': Representation and the Politics of Sexuality in the Czech Republic." In Sibelan Forrester, Elena Gapova and Magdalena Zaborowska, eds. Over the Wall/After the Fall: Post-Communist Cultures through an East-West Gaze. (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2004): 251-267.

"'A co deti?...' Gay a lesbické rodicovstvi: homofobie a genderove stereotypy v ceske spolecnosti." [And What About Children?... Gay and Lesbian Parenthood, Homophobia and Gender Stereotypes in Czech Society]. In Lenka Formankova a Kristyna Rytirova, eds. ABC feminismu. (Brno: Nesehnuti, 2004): 81-96.

"Soucasne trendy feministickeho mysleni." [Contemporary Trends in Feminist Thought]. In Lenka Formankova a Kristyna Rytirova, eds. ABC feminismu. (Brno: Nesehnutí, 2004): 199-213.

"'Moje telo je ONA': Apriles 2003 a politika ženského/lesbického tela." [My Body is SHE: Apriles 2003 and the Politics of Women's/Lesbian Body]. In Souvislosti: revue pro literaturu a kulturu. Homosexualita v kulture 4/2003: 80-95.

Leila J. Rupp, Vytouzena minulost: laska a sexualita mezi osobami stejneho pohlavi v Americe od prichodu Evropanu po soucasnost (Prague: One Woman Press, 2002.) Translation from an English original: A Desired Past: A Short History of Same-Sex Love in America (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1999).

"Representations of Homosexuality and the Separation of Gender and Sexuality in the Czech Republic Before and After 1989." In Ann Katherine Isaacs, ed. Political Systems and Definitions of Gender Roles. (Pisa, Italy: Edizione Plus,Universita di Pisa, 2001): 273-290.

A List of Selected Fellowships, Grants and Awards

* BASEES Women’s Forum Prize 2015 for The Politics of Gender Culture under State Socialism (author of one of the chapters in the book)

* GACR Grant Project for Gender Culture in Czechoslovakia under State Socialism, 2012-2015 (Research Team member)

* Humanities Research Grant for "Rainbow Life under a Red Star" Project, Charles University, 2008

* Ford Foundation Developmental Grant for the Institutionalization of Gender Studies at Charles University in Prague, 2000-2006 (Grant Author and Coordinator)

* Pearl Resnick Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies USHMM, Washington D.C., 2003-2004

* Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington, D.C., Woodrow Wilson Residential Research Fellowship, 2002

* New School University, New York, Graduate Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, Andrew Mellon Research Fellowship, 2001

* SSRC Dissertation Fellowship, 1999-2000

University Teaching Experience

2003 - present

Associate Professor of History and Chair, Department of Gender Studies

Charles University, Faculty of Humanities, Prague, Czech Republic

1999 - 2003

Assistant Professor of History

Charles University, Faculty of Philosophy, Prague, Czech Republic

Fall Semester 2003

Visiting Assistant Professor

FAMU, Center for Audiovisual Studies, Prague, Czech Republic

Fall Semester 2002

Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of History

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Summer Semester 2001

Visiting Lecturer, Department of History

Universita di Pisa, Italy

Other Academic and Professional Activities

- Study Program Guarantor of Gender Studies at Faculty of Humanities (2016-present)

- Scientific Board of Society for Queer Memory, member (2013-present)

- COHA - Czech Association of Oral History, member (2007-present)

- American Historical Association, member (1999-present)

- Association of Women in Slavic Studies, member (1999-present)

- Committee for Sexual Minorities, Governmental Council of the Czech Republic, member (2007-2015)

- Editorial Board of the Academic Journal Gender, Equal Opportunities, Research, member (2008-2015)

- Editorial Board of the Academic Journal Lidé/Města, member (2004-2007)

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