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MA Program in GS in English - Plan of Study

Plan of Study

Course Schedule - Winter 2017

Course Schedule_Winter 2017

All Courses Taught at the GS Department

Academic Writing and Literary Theory SIS

Constructing Research Projects

Contemporary feminist theories

Feminism and the Enviromental Movements

Feminism in Helping Practice

Feminist Cultural Studies SIS

Feminist Epistemologies and Science Studies

Feminist intersectional theories

Feminist Theories and Methodologies

Feminist Theories, Methods and Applied Research

Gender and Media

Gender and Religion

Gender and the Body

Gender and the War

Queer Cinema SIS

History of Feminist Theories SIS

Internship in NGOs

Methodological Approaches in Gender Studies SIS

Methods of Promoting Gender Equality SIS

Politics of Identity, Gender and Sexuality SIS

Postcolonial Studies and Gendered Analysis SIS

Race and Gender

Race and Reproduction

Reflecting Gender in Migration

Thesis Defence

Diploma Thesis Seminar I.- Preparation SIS

Diploma Thesis Seminar II. - Research SIS

Diploma Thesis Seminar III. - Writing SIS

Women, men and law in practice - seminar

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