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Grant program of GS

Thanks to the generous support of the Ford Foundation in the first three years of the existence of the department (2003-2006), the department of GS was able to enact its own grant program for gender related original research of Czech scholars in any academic field. The most important criteria were original research relevant in the Czech context; competent use of gender analysis, and published results of the study in standard scholarly quality and in the Czech language. The grant amounts given to individual scholars were in the amount of 20 - 50,000 Czech crowns per project.

The recipients of the grant program GS:


PhDr. Jana Valdrová, Ph.D. (Department of Germanics, University of Southern Bohemia in České Budějovice)

Project: Gender Stereotypes in Elementary School Textbooks

Amount Awarded: 20,000 CZK


PhDr. Miluše Zadražilová (Department of Russian Studies and Literatures, School of Philosophy, Charles University in Prague)

Project: Russian Women Writers

Amount Awarded: 50,000 CZK


Mgr. Martina Pachmanová, Ph.D. (Academy of Architecture, Arts and Design, Prague)

Project: Art of Marie Marešová

Amount Awarded: 50,000 CZK

M.A. students abroad

Magda Górska, Ph.D. Training Programme, Utrecht University, the Netherlands, Summer 2008

Lenka Ferenčáková, Istanbul University, Turkey, Summer 2008

Tereza Hendlová, University New Zealand, Summer 2008

Věra Novotná, Dresden University, Germany, Winter 2007

Jarka Mildorfová, University of Turku, Finland, Spring 2006

Michaela Appeltová, NOISE Summerschool, Utrecht University, the Netherlands, Summer 2006

                                     University of Turku, Finland, Spring 2005                                                                            

Kristýna Ciprová, NOISE Summerschool, Utrecht University, the Netherlands, Summer 2006

Tereza Kynčlová, NOISE Summerschool, Utrecht University, the Netherlands, Summer 2006

Tereza Hendlová, University of Maastricht, the Netherlands, Fall 2005

Magda Górska, University of Turku, Finland, Fall 2005

Petra Vodrlindová, University of Durham, Great Britain, Spring 2005

Student exchange opportunities

Student exchange opportunities

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