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Just arrived to Prague?

Have you just arrived to Prague and feel a bit worried? This section is designed to help you to get around. Here you will find tips how to get your student card, public transportation card, etc., as well as answers to the frequently asked questions by your colleagues. Hope it helps!

How to get a student card (ISIC)

How to get a public transportation card (Lítačka)

Where will be my classes taught?

Do you offer online classes?

Is there any library nearby?

How to get a student card (ISIC)

Your student card is the first requirement for proper functioning both at the Faculty and University. So one of the first things to do is to get an ISIC card. The card bears your photo, name, and most of all - your student ID number which you need to be able to log in to the Student Information System (SIS) to be able to enrol into courses and exams.

Once you are officially enrolled at Charles University, you can pick up your card from any of the CU card service centres. Please, do not forget to bring your ID card with you to prove your identity, otherwise you will not be issued a student card.

The student card serves as evidence of the holder's relation to Charles University. CU Student Cards are issued at the CU Point and other Card Issue Centres. Office hours can be found here. Please, do not forget to bring your ID card with you

Not only can you benefit from student discounts all over the world, but it also helps you access Charles University libraries (ISIC thus functions as a library card) and serves as a proof that you indeed are a student in order to get a student discount for the public transport in Prague.

The CU Student Card allows you to:

  • use it as a Travel Pass with a 30-day, monthly or 90-day season ticket (a paper voucher sold by the Prague Public Transport Company to be used with the ID card) for Prague Public Transport. The student discount applies only to students who have not reached the age of 26. For more information on CU Student Cards in Prague's public transport system see this webpage.

  • log in to the Student Information System (SIS).

  • access CU facilities/services (internet, computer labs, library, copying / printing etc.).

  • order lunch at any CU cafeteria.

For more info on the types of studend cards, please see.

How to get a public transportation card (Lítačka)

The website of Prague puiblic transportation company is fairly clear and well-arranged, all the information is to be found there.

Just to sum it up, first you create your account at the website, fill an online application and either opt for collecting the card at the public transportation company office in the city centre or have it delivered to your home for a small fee.

The registration page: https://www.pidlitacka.cz/registration

The student card/ISIC card and a coupon (remember you should keep it?) should be sufficient for you to get a student discount.

Where will be my classes taught?

All the classes are taught within the building of the Faculty of Humanities in Trója, Pátkova 2137/5, 182 00.

The Gender Studies classes are taught in the room 2.41 and 2.42, next to teh GS program offices (2,40 and 2.39).

Do you offer online classes?

Well, normally we do not. However, due to the world pandemics, we temporarily transfered all of our classes to MS Teams platform to keep everybody safe.

Is there any library nearby?

If you are looking for a quiet space to sit down and do some reading, try the Faculty´s library. The staff is very friendly and speaks English.

Charles University, however, has many more libraries scattered all around Prague and you can use all of them - all you need is your student card. The Municipal Library of Prague also has a vast net of libraries and you can get acces to its books for a small yearly fee.

We also recommend you to have a look at the study room of the National Library of Technology which is much fancied by students coming from all areas of science and other disciplines.The library and its study rooms are in Dejvice, which is pretty far away from the school building, but might be close to your accommodation.

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