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18. února 2020


You are kindly invited to submit an application for a 2-day conference bringing together early-stage Gender Studies scholars from around Europe, to be held in early June at the Humboldt-Universität Berlin.

Call for Papers

The Student Lecture Series Gender Studies is a platform for students, especially those in the early stages of study, to practice presenting their gender–related research topics, get inspired by their peers’ work, and exchange feedback with other students from various disciplines.This lecture series serves several goals: (1) it motivates students to be more active and reflect upon the knowledge they have gained in their studies, and 2) by acknowledging student research, it aims to make knowledge production in academia more inclusive and democratic.

The conference will be held on either the 5-6 June 2020 or the 12-13 June 2020. Applications are open to BA and MA students, as well as recently-graduated people, from anywhere in the world who are working on Gender Studies-related topics from any disciplinary standpoint.

In 2019 we hosted speakers for a semester-long seminar but for 2020 we are doing something different  — a 2-event event of talks, panels, and discussion about trans-disciplinary Gender Studies topics, organised and led by students. 

How to apply : http://bit.ly/2SxeQAC  (no later than 31 March 2020.)

For more information contact us here:

E-mail: studierendenvortrag.gs@gmail.com

Facebook: Studierendenvortragsreihe Gender Studies HU Berlin

Twitter: https://twitter.com/svr_gender

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