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6. února 2020


The department of Gender Studies FHS UK cordially invites all students, both Czech and international, alumni, teachers and friends to another session of a regular and informal meeting series entitled Gender Fridays.The goal of the Gender Fridays project is an active building of a widely conceived departmental feminist community and creating an informal, positive and safe spacetime for regular meetings of all people both closely and broadly connected to the department of GS.

The B in LGBTQ (2)

Because of a vivid debate a month ago, we want to continue with the topic and devote to it another of GF sessions!

Friday, February 21 at 7pm

Café Therapy (Školská 1267/30, Prague 1)

What do you know about the B in LGBTQ? Let’s talk about it! Bisexuality has long been a stimatized and misunderstood sexuality, and we’d like to open a conversation about assumptions, definitions and personal experience. This conversation will include topics of bi and pansexuality, the gender spectrum and possibly non-monogamous forms of bi, pan, queer and heterosexualities. All genders are welcome and encouraged to attend. Personal anecdotes and stories are very welcome! For a primer on contemporary understandings of bisexuality, read reviews or message Jeana for excerpts of this book: Bi: Notes for a Bisexual Revolution by Shiri Eisner. 

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