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Open Position for a Research Assistant at the Department of Gender Studies

Within the research project “Techno-ecologies of Solar Energy” that examines the emergence of solar energy in the Czech Republic and its effects on places and communities, we are offering a position for a (Czech speaking) research assistant. The project is funded by the Czech Science Foundation. The research work for an equivalent of 2 hours per week (100 hours per calendar year for 25000 CZK + additional funding for travel and accommodation during fieldwork) encompasses the conduct of interviews with members of households that have installed solar panels, as well as fieldwork and help in organising community workshops where we work with snapshot photography with members of marginalised ethnic groups. The research will be carried out in Czech; the team meetings will be held in English. There is some flexibility when the work will be carried out.

The work will give students valuable hands-on experience with a range of inventive research methods and team work. It offers the opportunity to participate in all stages of a research project, and to learn from senior gender studies students. It is also an occasion to do research where processes of gendering (and racialisation) are less obvious, but no less consequential. There is a possibility to write a diploma thesis in the scope of the project. 

Applicants should send a letter of interest and a short CV to Dagmar Lorenz-Meyer (d.lorenzmeyer@gmail.com).

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